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Pastel Portrait Commission

WIP - almost done, I normally stop my work on about 90%+-, and come back after a day or two so I can refresh my eyes and do the necessary adjustments, looking at this image I already analyze what to fix like, edges, proportions, saturations and color values.
My friend commission this art works, total 24 heads, 4x3 heads, 2x1 head, and 8 heads family. My October and November schedules are closed!
Dry brush indirect and direct method
Rembrandt soft pastels
NuPastels sticks ( I personally love NuPastels)
Pastel Pencils (CarbOthello, Conte)
CretaColor Sepia and Sanguine Pencil
General Charcoal Pencils
Conte Compressed Charcoal
Canson Mitiente Paper
I also included some of my process! Thanks
NOTE: The original work is more cooler, camera cant's capture the actual color skintone temperature!
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